image of Bjørn-Owe Holmberg

Photographer Bjørn-Owe “Bo” Holmberg was born 1959 in Sweden, and raised in Norway. After ten years in Oslo and the U.S. (San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest), he now resides in the charming little town of Kongsberg, up in the hills and mountains of Norway. He shoots stories ranging from conflict-areas and aids to adventure and nature.

His clients range from Norway´s daily newspaper, Dagbladet with its magazines to Los Angeles Times, from Norwegian agency, Samfoto, to Paris-based SIPA, from corporate photography to his long time affiliation with the SOS Children´s Villages, where he works mainly in Africa.

Holmberg has been a main contributor to two books, one about the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and one called “Norway in pictures” and has had three exhibitions.

His hometown hosts the annual Kongsberg Jazz Festival, and neighbouring town of Notodden has its blues festival, giving Bo the opportunity to have a collection of the world’s leading jazz & blues-musicians in his files.

Holmberg works mostly with people living in remote corners of the world - combining a passion for nature with the art of photography, focusing on the interaction of man and wilderness. He travels with bush-pilots, outfitters and cowboys in the Canadian Rockies and the US, joins the shepherds in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, the Sami reindeerherders in the Arctic, fishermen on the rugged Norwegian coast, hunters in the forests and the mountains, wildlife biologists caught in the conflict between predators and farmers and he drives through the African bush with health-and social workers.

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